Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ben Collins (SFCD) - What is a Lover? (2008)


I've been posting too many of my own albums and not enough by other people. I know this and I will change that soon. But in the meantime here is another solo albums of some noise, and drone and some song-like parts as well. I did this over the past two weeks or so.

Download album HERE

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Cat (2003)


This is a collage piece I did in the 2003 that compresses an entire afternoon into about an hour of time.

Not many people have ever really listened to this record, but it should be mentioned that Jon Lynn (of Unsolved Mysteries) is not only one of few people who have heard it in its entirety, but that he specifically likes this record among all of the other records of mine he has heard.

As far as how it sounds: Luc Ferrari is the main reference point, although I didn't actually hear his music until later. But "The Cat" has some conceptual similarities to his album "Cycle Des Souvenirs".

Download HERE

Post script: I have this fantasy of a sort of role-call with anyone who reads this. What that means is that maybe, just maybe, if you are reading these very words, that you will leave a comment and say hello and what yr name is. Something as simple as, "it's me Simon Sharp" or "hey it's Joe McNeill, I'm sitting in the same room as you." Just a thought, but it would be nice.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ben Collins (SFCD) - Upon the Shaving of my Head (2008)


This album is pretty much an all-out noise affair. The first four tracks are done with tape loops and vocals, and the last two tracks are guitar based. It's all just me, each track is performed live and unedited.


Download the album HERE