Sunday, August 31, 2008

SFCD - I Wish You Were Here 2007


So okay I know that I lost whatever few readers I had for this blog. It's probably my fault. And if there were ANYONE left who cared about this blog I know that the last thing they would want to listen to is another solo acoustic album from me. But the other day Jessica told me that she was listening to this record and that it is one of her favorites. I honestly didn't even remember ever making it, but I went back and listened to it and I think it is pretty okay. So here it is.

Just me sitting outside my house playing Ed's acoustic guitar and singing a little. I think it is more focused than some of the other records I have done in this style, but whatever, NO ONE is going to download this. Yes that includes YOU the person reading at this very moment.

And really you probably shouldn't download it, poor Wesley's second album is so awesome and less than ten people have heard it, if yr going to get something off this site it ought to be that anyways.

Whatever though, right?

Download HERE