Monday, January 15, 2007

Black Thirteen - The Six Hundred

This is the second album I have posted and it is another good one, some might say the best one. It is called "The Six hundred" and in the inaugural Black Thirteen appearance from both Jessica Calleiro (Uncle Owen Aunt Beru) and Courtney Burton. Also appearing are Black Thirteen founding members myself (Ben Collins) and Simon Sharp. It was a long session and one full of energy and surprises. Please listen and enjoy and post Comments to tell us what you think.


1. The Other Side
2. Someone to Follow and Someone to Lead
3. Courtney Plays Tambourine
4. True Heart
5. Jessica Plays Guitar


Courtney: Percussion, Vocals
Jessica: Clarinet, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Ben: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Simon: Electric Guitar. Vocals

recorded by: Ben Collins in December 2006



1 comment:

nir said...

I just downloaded the music (as zip file) and listening to it now. It sounds good so far.
any way...
You can use as a better place to publish you're music. The downloading is much easier and it gives you some stream options too.