Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wesley Rose - Southern Elegance


I am very proud to be posting here, on this blog, the debut solo album from Wesley Rose. The album is called "Southern Elegance" and it is a hypnotic, noisy experience. Fans of noise will find this a welcome listen, with early digital-era Merzbow, later Whitehouse and Birchville Cat Motel coming as reference points. And for people who do not consider themselves fans of noise, I urge you to consider giving this a listen, it is music of joy and excitement, of discovery and freedom, or just basically music of a dude at his house freaking out on his computer for the first time.

It seems like only yesterday I was watching fourteen year old Wesley flailing away to an out of tune Misfits cover at the high school talent show and now with the help of audio mulch he is shredding my ears with this beauty.

And like I said, it's his debut album! I think that deserves a listen from all of us. And so, noise fan or not I highly suggest everyone sit back, dim the lights, pour a glass of yr favorite beverage and grab a mirror so you can watch in awe and ecstasy as Wesley's music tears the skin from yr face!


Download album HERE


Lacey said...

All of Wesley's titles sound like questions in a text-based adventure game:

"Angelus wants to give you a footjob. Is this awesome (Y/N)?"

B.DavisCollins said...


Anonymous said...

This thing sounds like shiiiit. Who the fuck made this? Whoever did should eat a dick and die, preferably choking on the dick i said they should eat also preferably the dick is mine.

B.DavisCollins said...

wow what an anonymous comment! I know I kept asking for people to post their feelings, but this is ridiculous! (finger under collar).

Seriously who just wrote that?

It was a joke right?

Wesley said...

I drop my mask to reveal that the mysterious commenter was i, Wesley Rose, all along! What a twist!