Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ben Collins (SFCD) - Not Sleeping/Plus a Darkened Room (2009)


I was bored out here recently, up late and scanning my hard drives for old unfinished sessions and I found these two tracks which were originally recorded in my old house in Savannah, in like 2007 I think.

They were done on two separate nights where as far as I can remember, I couldn't sleep but didn't want to make an entire album and furthermore wanted to play something loud and electric. So I did these, which are comprised of my Fender Jaguar (Red Alone) plugged through a distortion pedal or two and straight into the m-box and with a ton of different reverbs added afterward.

So it was recorded two years ago and mixed the other day here in Los Angeles.

It's just a short little record, only about fourteen minutes.

Check it out.


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