Saturday, January 2, 2010

Untitled Stylophone Improvisation #1


Happy New year! It's 2010 now and I just recorded my first music of the new year and decade. Yesterday Jessica and I bought a Stylophone, which is a little hand held synthesizer built in the sixties which as been enjoying a resurgence in the past few years because it is inexpensive and easy to play. We purchased ours from Urban Outfitters in Hollywood and I expect many other people will do the same. I wouldn't be surprised if this new decade saw every band with a dedicated Stylophone player so before it becomes too ubiquitous I thought I would throw my hat into the ring with a solo Stylophone improve album.

So that's what I did. So what you have here is a half hour of me playing Styophone through a loop pedal. There is one edit early on where I screwed up and went back to a good part and started again but other than that it's pretty raw, no mastering or anything.

So here you go, enjoy it and I promise to post more soon.

Or download it HERE


Pete said...

Ben . . . it's Pete. I just stumbled across your blog finally after looking at Josh's. I will be coming back when I have more time. Sorry to a post a very un-blog comment here, but I can't find any button that will allow me to email you directly.

Oh wait. I can make it blog-ish. You can check mine out:

I am really excited about the Obama Christmas video (next year?). What about Steve Buscemi as Obama's long-lost adopted brother from the Netherlands?

Pete said...

Alright, so after another 15 minutes of looking, I still can't find your email. Maybe I am just distracted by "blog-catching-up," something I am sure I have only done about four times in my life. This is an invite that I sent to Josh this morning; it also applies to you:

I thought of you both after my post on JD Salinger's death, because I thought you guys might have something to add. On it, I am trying to collect a bunch of cultural figures (fictional or actual) who bear resemblance to Salinger, Holden, etc. If you have time and an idea, go here and add it to the comments.

Extend the invite to your sister as well; isn't she a Salinger-phile?