Sunday, September 14, 2008

Black Thirteen - Harp's Crossing vol. 1


So this record was recorded almost a year ago, I think, at Travis' parent's church. Playing on the album are Travis Knowles, Simon Sharp, Wesley Rose, Josh Nelson and Myself. If I am not mistaken this is Josh's first (and possibly only) Black Thirteen appearance thus far. Not including his "appearance" on the cover of the earlier "Grounds of Pleasure" album.

I'm not really sure who did what at any given point, but if you have heard other B13 records that you will probably recognize Simon's vocals, Wesley's classical guitar playing and me playing I think either drums or electric guitar at different times. Travis and Josh each play the piano at different times and I'm sure there are tons of other ins and outs, but that doesn't really matter.

What does matter is that it is a pretty cohesive, mellow, mostly instrumental improv session that would probably be good music for reading or taking a nap or something. The acoustics in the room where pretty interesting and we used two minidisc recorders to mic different parts of the room and then I blended the two together recording together to interesting effect.

So you know, download it, it's pretty good.

1. Icarus Blues
2. Chapel Skull
3. Hymn of the Long Shadows
4. Through Empty Nighttime Streets

Download it HERE

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