Saturday, October 4, 2008

Out with the old out the new...


I hesitate to post anything new when there are still some of you who have not downloaded Jessica's most recent album Black Seas. If you are one of the poor unfortunate souls who does not yet have this album then stop reading this instant and get it.

Now that that's all dealt with I'll move on to the completely worthless other things I have for you.

More of my albums! I know I know, no one cares, at all. I don't blame you, I don't even care! But I got all these albums here and I gotta do something with them!

And honestly though I really just have more albums of my own than I do albums from other people, so I have to pace myself with posting the good stuff so that I don't run out. But I am getting a little sick of the rate all this is going so here, in this post, I'm offering three albums at once.

They are:

After I Dream (2008)

Fragments of a Great Event Viewed from a Tiny Room (2005)

The Grey Shoes (in G major) (2003)

As you can see from the dates one of these is recent and the other two are old. In fact the Grey Shoes is actually the forth SFCD album I ever made, and I think Fragments etc. is the fifth. Both are more song-based affairs and pretty embarrassing to me in many ways, but oh well, who cares NO ONE will listen to them anyways.

So click on the titles to download. I will be really offended if someone leaves a comment, even more offended if someone actually downloaded an album, and probably reduced to tears in the fetal position if any one of you so-called "friends" actually listened to one of these albums. I would hate it so so much. In fact I hope that none of you have even read this far, that you all got bored and clicked over to boingboing where you are excitedly reading about some new creative commons steampunk Iphone crack app that makes yr apartment into a precocious geek paradise while satisfying you sexually and electing a democratic president orwellian super-economy free gas wi-fi..............................................

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Wesley said...

I'm listening to After I Dream now, i'm on the third track. So here i am feeding your increasingly problematic addiction to comments. It's really fucking great. Fuck you buddy. See ya later tonight probably!